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IMG_5120IMG_5299photo dancing tree

I wanted to draw a couple dancing but make it unique. So I made the couples morph into different trees that overlapped each other. It was difficult to make the right colors and to make the branches defined. But, with a lot of overlapping paint and practice, I made the defined painting of two tree couples dancing. I may go back later on to add more to it but right now, I think it looks really good. I’m really proud of the girl blossom tree.

Painting continued


So for this painting, I wanted to paint a peacock because my sister got engaged in La Caille and that place has lots of peacocks. I used a picture that I took when we were there at the engagement. I wanted to make the feathers defined and make sure the colors popped. I wanted to take a different route to have the painting be unique. So, I used the technique of drip painting. I had to have a lot of practice to control where the paint goes but once I got the hang of it, I got a very good turn out.


IMG_4654IMG_4660IMG_4650Okay so I absolutely love flowers and the different kinds so I decided to make a drawing of diverse flowers.  I was trying to figure out the dimensions of the flowers and how to make the flowers seem defined and real. I also wanted to cover the army green color that I figured wouldn’t work. So as I continued, I made the flower bottles behind the bushes but then Mr Keyes suggested that I make the bottles in front of the bushes. With a lot of time and concentration, I made it work perfectly and I’m proud of this painting.

Hi World, this is Moroni Panini.

Annie96 is typing…



I was running. Through the wilderness with a hawk, Tony Hawk with blue blazing eyes. It was my birthday, March 17th and I was year older and wiser too, as bad dad lad pat ran tad tod cat. A sad lad was rad. Tim Hansen was also there, riding a bear. He was a boss on tha bear. Grilled cheese sandwiches were a given in this scenario. Savannah Lutz was wearing a bear costume with Mary Poppins gliding above her head. She decided to walk around with the costume on and it quickly got dark. The man of slender came out with a his tall body. We was all scared out of our friggen minds.

I am racing Moroni right now and I am winning . Katie Giles is a bum head because I am writing more than ten words per minute. I forgive her though because she is a beautiful human being… but she got the national anthem wrong so she struggles in life just a bit. We love her though.

I was not planning to wake up this morning because I am dead, but I had a spider on my face.I am not in heaven but in the medium space. Between heaven and the earth.

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The door creaked open. The pale light shined on the empty room, illuminating a small, hunched figure shuttering in the corner. I move towards him and see a drying puddle of water at his feet. I reach out to touch his shoulder right as the room fades out and I wake up. The captain


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